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Wooda, Cooda, Shooda: Wood Tech Class Writing Papers For College Students in tenth Grade Vs. AP Physics?

Wooda, Cooda, Shooda: Wood Tech Class in tenth Grade Vs. AP Physics?

If i’ve a timber business that relies within my school’s lumber shop, would it not look easier to take Wood Tech — a class offered only within my college for your district — or take AP Physics 1 being a sophomore? I plan to affect college as a STEM major. FYI, I only get one elective but want to do Running Start during junior-senior years.

Your wood company will allow you to stand out from the audience at admission-decision time, but — at numerous universities (especially the very selective people) — it will likely be seen more as an endeavor that is extracurricular as an scholastic one. In order to be a solid applicant to STEM programs, you should simply take a minumum of one physics class (at a lower price selective programs) or no fewer than two (for the pickier places) according to what’s offered at your high school and also at the college where you are going to simply take your dual-enrollment (Running Start) courses. To be contender at the hyper-competitive colleges (e.g., MIT, CalTech, Ivies, Stanford and their ilk), you should submit AP exam scores and/or topic Test ratings in physics … even where not essential.

BUT … this doesn’t imply that you have to provide up the lumber technology course next year. If you’ll be merely a sophomore, you have to have sufficient time to easily fit into physics later on. Unless you’re about to affect very selective colleges yet need trouble squeezing much more than one physics class you have to skip the wood tech class that seems to interest you now if you don’t start in 10th grade, then ‘The Dean’ sees no reason why.